Bebsa Corporate Business HTML Template

Designed By: Complex Coder
Created On: 20 February 2021
Last Update On: 29 April 2021

Intro - Top

Bebsa Corporate Business HTML Template is a powerful HTML template for Corporate and Business. However, Bebsa creative template comes with 18 Total Pages, 3 Home Pages, Ecommerce Shop page,cart page, checkout page service Pages, 2 Blog Pages and many more. Bebsa is crafted with the powerful tools like Bootstrap 4, Css3, W3C Validation, Sass etc. It’s Compatible with Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile. It’s fully customizable and very easy to use.

Html Folder Structure - top

All the file are well organized, its so easy to work with the template.
1. Unzip the files.
2. Open "Main_file" folder.

Template Structure - top

HTML Structure

This template is a fixed layout with four columns. The main contents are inside the 'body' tag divided into differt section (i.e. header, banner, services,... footer etc.). The general template structure is the same throughout the template. Here is the general structure.

CSS Structure

We are using one customed CSS files (style.css) and several vendor css files. CSS file structure is as follows:

Js Structure

There is a custom .js file named main.js and are several vendor js files as plugins. We are using jQuery(a javascript library) instead of vanilla javascript. Our file structure is a follows:

How To? - top

To change any images of the website

  1. Carefully collect the source name of the image (i.e. banner-img.jpg)
  2. Open the file called images.
  3. Find the particular image file.
  4. Replace the file with your image.
  5. Make sure that the file name does not change.The file name should be the same.

Example: Suppose you want to change the following image file:

You have to do the following to change this image with your own image:

  1. Open the file called images.
  2. Find the particular image file called banner-img.jpg
  3. Replace the file with your image
  4. Make sure that the file name does not change.

Note: Images seen in the live preview are only set for preview purposes. They are not included in the download files.

Changing Brand Logo

  1. Open the folder called images.
  2. Find the .png files called logo.png and logo-2.png.
  3. Replace the files with your own logos.
  4. Make sure that the file names does not change.

Change FontAwesome icons

  1. Open the .html file with a text-editor from where you want to change any FontAwesome icon.
  2. Choose and collect an icon from
  3. Replace the existing icon from the .html file with the new icon you got from

Change Copyright text

please check this your html page bottom part and change your copyright text

Sources and Credits - top

We've used the following fonts, free icons and plugins as listed:

Image Source:

Free Fonts:

Free Icons:

All images have been used for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the template.


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